ango 'R' specifications:

• 5-driver 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with 6dB/octave filters at 280 and 2800Hz, premium crossover network assembled by Jensen of Brøndy, Denmark
• 1 x 1-inch silk-dome tweeter (true diamond tweeter optional); 1 x 5-inch composite carbon paper midrange; 3 x 8-inch paralleled carbon fiber woofers
• 18Hz to 25kHz ±3dB; 89dB sensitivity; 650 watts RMS power handling
• 5.6-ohm flat impedance below 300Hz without a saddle response
• Proprietary bass loading (not ported, sealed or transmission line) with pressure release bores in the spine and Basic, Gold and Platinum resonators inside
• Boat-hull cross section with ultra narrow back and curved sides
• Pressure-formed MDF hull with solid Walnut braces, Walnut plinth and directional Brazilian Rosewood tuning discs behind woofers
• Furutech single-wire binding posts, three triple-sandwich custom wood footers with long threads for easy leveling
• High-gloss multi-coat catalytic lacquer over premium Maple or Rosewood veneers, black gloss lacquer spine and plinth
• 122 x 50 x 29cm HxDxW, plinth footprint 61 x 39cm DxW

• Ships in three boxes, two for the speakers, one for the plinths
• Plinths require mounting (turn speaker upside down, slip on plinth, tighten down with four bolts)

nly by special order is the Tango loudspeaker available. Please enquire about lead times and other restrictions.

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