he acoustic resonators are available in two versions and five models each. The home-based models use tall Maple wood bases and a loose tripod mounting for the bowls. The equivalent Pro models use Brazilian Rosewood cubes and captive mounts as shown in the last inset. The five different models are based on pure metals and proprietary alloys and simply called Copper, Silver, Gold (yellow gold), Gold Special (Red Gold) and Platinum.

he concept and technology break down into four areas:
• Use of high-density precious metals rather than big masses of foam or fiber glass panels to preserve space.
• No absortion of sound but conversion of the room's low frequencies into high frequencies to cancel unwanted resonances.
• A tool to fine-tune a room's harmonic response like the finest of musical instruments through the properties of precious metals.
• Lifetime performance without any potential for degradation and easy adaptation from one room to the next.

This website provides information on currently available Franck Tchang products.