n an e-mail exchange with Milan he explained how the weight of the amplifier is caused by its two 1600VA toroidal transformers. These are custom made for the ASI Grand series of amplifiers and their main characteristic is very small inductance to be extremely fast and provide a lot of instantaneous current. But there’s more. Each trafo winding has three wires twisted together. This supports speed and current delivery. Separate windings are available for the input section, driver stage, output stage and control electronics. All this rests within a central enclosure of 1cm thick walls shielding the surrounding electronics electrically and acoustically. Speaking of shielding, the specially designed heat sinks are the way they are because this geometry and mass provide the best resonance control in conjunction with the rest of the massive chassis. There’s your backbreaking weight.

ll Karan power amplifiers are characterized by a continuous sliding bias control. This is unlike the sliding bias used by Krell. Krell raised and lowered bias in predetermined steps like Mayan pyramids. In Karan designs an electronic circuit measures the incoming signal’s amplitude. If there's need for additional output power, the current on the power rails which supply the class A output transistors is raised instantaneously. When the input amplitude goes down again, the bias follows suit. This way the output transistors always obtain the right amount of current and the operational temperature of this hugely powerful class A amplifier remains luke warm even when driven very hard. At 2500V/microsecond this circuit is very fast. Speed is the leading reason why Milan chose Sanken Ring Emitter Transistors. These RETs have far lower rise times than any other type of transistor.

orking with parts which can handle such speeds without introducing any phase shift between DC and 500kHz means walking a razor’s edge. At these very high speeds—the components are capable of handling signal up to 60MHz—there’s always danger of instability and oscillation. To counter these threats Milan commissioned a lot of custom-made bits like capacitors, resistors and of course wires.

always say, sound goes with the man. If this ASI amplification set has such superior performance giving the best interpretation of audio's usual contradictions, it's all because of Franck Tchang's most sensitive attitude toward sound. Although not designed by him but created in collaboration with his good friend Milan Karan, the LiveLine preamp and Grand Stereo are dreams come true for Franck's pursuit of ideal sound. Don't miss it!

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