ranck Tchang is an autodidact in many disciplines. One of his co-built guitars for example is in the book Luthier de France. He plays clubs in Paris. When designing for audio, guitars are his guides. The approach is hands on and often informed by spontaneous ideas without precedents. Having developed the entire acoustic resonator concept from ground zero, Franck Tchang has trained himself to become a highly sensitive listener with a unique perspective and focus.

ormal engineers, architects and acousticians have begun to acknowledge his skills. As such collaborations formalize in the future, Franck Tchang predicts many new applications for his technologies. To date, it's been primarily audiophiles who have enjoyed the fruits of his labors. "I work with air turbulence and compression effects. Sound is a natural feedback mechanism for the invisible behavior of air. Some audiophiles have trained themselves to hear subtle changes in the sound. They appreciate the specific benefits which my acoustic system approach gives."

he next pages show some of Franck's favorite guitars from his collection, his audio system and end with a personal statement on the beginnings of Acoustic System Int. and its future.

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