ith my system completely wired with LiveLine cables, the sound could be considered transformed in direct comparison to its former self. Everything just sounded more realistic. It didn't matter whether it was classical, jazz, or any other type of music, the timbre and tonality were more natural and truthful. The LiveLines gave life to the music in such a way that allows me to sit up and listen way into the night... The ASI LiveLine cables are extraordinary in their unique design and most importantly their sonic attributes. They're my new reference cables and definitely not going back to Paris. Until the day I can find a better cable, regardless of cost, LiveLine is here to stay. I can say without a doubt that this is the finest cable that has ever graced my system. Hats off to master Franck Tchang. These cables are my early choice as a Stereo Times Most Wanted Component Award winner."
mong Franck Tchang customers are many musicians. Tenor Finnur Bjarnason is one of them. Shown here are some of the recorded performances he has participated in. All album covers are linked to full descriptions of the works.

ll the Franck Tchang products I have tried have the same overwhelming effect of lending life, feeling and presence to recorded sound and, in the case of his resonators, to live sound.  I don't know how he does it but I wouldn't want to live without it."
  oprano Sally Matthews is another famous musician using Franck Tchang acoustic resonators and LiveLine cables.

  ere are two more CDs, one by Finnur, one by Sally. Franck says that "...personally, I'm most proud of such musician endorsements for my products. It is they who know what real music sounds and feels like. When they approve, I feel I've done my job."

he #1 French classical music magazine Diapason awarded the LiveLine cables their coveted Diapason D'Or Award for 2009.
hese cables should give you what their name promises. They should put some 'live' into your recordings. They invite your favorite musicians right to your room for live-like performances and the performer reach out to you. I had a chance to try them in a few different systems so my theory says that their direct input to the music presentation is only the 'liveliness' which makes it sound much more realistic and palpable. All the rest I heard was about allowing different systems to show what they could really do. Some systems offered fantastic midrange but had problems with treble and bass. ASI made the midrange even better but the problems with the rest of the frequency range did not disappear. If the tonal balance was a bit too warm or cold, these cables didn't change that. Of course it is possible that the cables you use at the moment don't fit to your system at all. Then the ASI cables might even become a revelation. What I can tell you for sure is that these are not cables to use if you want to correct the sound of your system in some particular ways. This is more about a purifying/exposing element that could show you what your stereo really sounds like. If you already own a system with which you are happy,you still might want to try the LiveLine cables. They might make you even happier..."

hat we have here is something new; exciting; cost-effective; repeatable and thus, predictable. Those who use cables as tone controls will look elsewhere. Those after a pipe 'n' slippers comfort sound, too. The LiveLine effect is about releasing the upper harmonics and reinstating higher timing fidelity. For toe-tapping beatniks, lovers of stringed instruments and appreciators of fine—not fat!—tone, this cable seems tailor-made..."
hat these cables are exceptional must be clear by now. Once a pair is included in a system, the sound characteristics change dramatically for the better. If you then return to the best you had before, a lot of things come crashing down. Hard. The image deflates, coherence splinters and speakers reappear. The golden trio of timbre, dynamics and timing gets broken up in comparison to the LiveLine unity..."


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